How To Guide


At DeliverMyPrescription, our aim is to make prescription delivery as easy and stress-free as possible, so you can start getting medication delivered without delay! These ‘How-To Guides’ are designed to help you find your way around our website and offer guidance if you’re struggling to use our service effectively.

While we appreciate that contacting your pharmacy may seem unusual when requesting a delivery, it’s the most important step. We require a valid contact email for your pharmacy or NHS surgery, one that is regularly monitored, in order to check prescription availability and allow NHS staff to dispense your medicine. Once this information is entered into our system, you’ll be able to quickly and easily request a prescription delivery as often as you need!

And the best part? Once you’ve received your pharmacy’s details and they confirm that they are happy to send your prescriptions through our trusted couriers, everyone else in your community will be able to use the service without having to make a phone call!


- Find your local pharmacy’s phone number using Google, social media or your phonebook.

- Phone your pharmacy and inform them that you wish to place an order for prescription delivery using DeliverMyPrescription, and check that they have your medicine available to dispense.

- Request a valid email address that is regularly checked by a pharmacist. Your prescription request will be sent via email to this email address.

- Please note that you should not enter an email address that has not been directly verified by your pharmacist as this may cause significant delay to your service.

- Inform your pharmacist that a prescription request, as well as your contact, address and eligibility details, will be sent to them via email through our platform.

- Inform your pharmacist, if necessary, that a User Guide with instructions on how to engage with our service will be sent to them alongside your prescription request.


- Choose between a variety of timed and next-day services with our trusted courier partners, UPS and DPD.

- All services offered by DeliverMyPrescription are fully tracked as standard. You will receive a unique tracking number that you can use to follow your prescription on its journey from your pharmacy to your door.

- DeliverMyPrescription have partnered with our couriers as a result of the exemplary hygiene standards they are observing across their entire network. All drivers are specially trained to observe distancing guidelines when delivering your prescription, and are equipped with PPE as standard.

- Please note that the timing of your service is dependent upon the time taken for your pharmacist to review and approve your request. Timed services are provided by DeliverMyPrescription on the condition that timing begins once a prescription request has been approved by a pharmacist.


- Enter your name, address and contact details exactly as they would appear on your NHS record. Entering incorrect information may cause a delay in receiving your medicine.

- Enter your evidence for eligibility for free prescriptions (if applicable) in the form of a prepayment or exemption certificate reference number. If you are unsure whether you are eligible for free NHS prescriptions, please click here to confirm.

- You can view our Privacy Policy, which explains how your personal data is used to facilitate the delivery of your medicine, by clicking here.

- Please be advised that you are unable to order temperature control drugs or control drugs using DeliverMyPrescription. A list of controlled drugs can be found by clicking here.



- DeliverMyPrescription captures your payment information at checkout for pre-authorisation only. Payment is only taken upon the successful collection of your prescription by your chosen courier. This means we will not charge you if your prescription cannot be dispensed by your pharmacy for any reason.

- We currently accept all forms of credit and debit card as well as PayPal.



- Await the delivery of your prescription.

- Our courier partners are trained to observe distancing guidelines when delivering your prescription.

- You can track your prescription shipment entirely through its journey by following the link found in the tracking email you received once your prescription was dispensed.